I want a house on a beach and you in my dreams...

Henna, 28.
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Hi, I’m henna hen, I love Glee. I’m OLD and I Live in Winland where I am the president
Dianna Agron should get in my bed…the end

Thanks Ashley but I think I try myself :D

I never know what to tell about myself. Anyways here’s little something something about,


My name is Henna and I’m 27 25 years old (and getting older every second) and my birthday is in 29th of May. I’m from very very cold Finland and I have polar bear as a pet. The place I live in has about 3000 people living in a so pretty small town.

I love music, movies, my ps3, my 40” full hd tv, slow slow computer, my laptop, girls, warm summer rain, my friends online and irl, coca cola in glass bottle/can, mangos, guitar hero/rock band, being a dork, Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Angelina Jolie, Gia Marie Carangi, Saki Fukuda, Lauren Graham, Mila Kunis, Emily Browning, Taylor Swift and shit loads of other celebs, chinese food, pizza, food, lots of food, Buffy, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Alias, Rizzoli ans Isles, Sucker Punch, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Dr. Who, Orange is the New Black etc.

But most of all I love this woman and this little music group called The Spice Girls.

I don’t like assholes, wankers, old drunk men who are trying to hit on you…ew, people who only thinks about themselfes, arguing and people who try to piss me off also I don’t like olives :D

I ship (OTP) Faberry/Achele,(OTP) Fuffy, Brittana/Heya, Naomily. 

…and my blog

80% of my posts and reblogs are about Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Achele/Faberry.

Rest 20% mostly about random stuff or about Michael Jackson, Gia Marie Carangi, my own posts, other ships, movies, gifs, replies and the other stuff I like.

Well I guess that’s about it. Feel free to ask more :)