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Helloooo wat is dis?


I bought stuff :D

Darth Vader stress ball just because.

Esc lamp.

Back To The Future Sports almanac iPad case for my new iPad 2.

Wearing the wool socks my grandma gave me few years ago. 

That’s right.

So I came out to my mother few days ago. I wasn’t sure if it went well because she didn’t say much but now it looks like she took it okay because she’s acting like she used to. I wish I could enjoy this feeling more but my dad still doesn’t know and probably never will and it bothers me. 

I was crowned as a Legend and I have diploma to prove it, too. 

Almost deleted my tumblr because I wasn’t using it for months but now I am back so there.

1. Interesting plot and it has gained a lot comments and followers. I have to give this one a try.

2. Great few first chapters.

3. Oh my god this is so good I can’t stop reading.

4. Well I guess every fanfiction has few lame chapters.

5. She would never say/do that. So out of character.

6. Why..what..why would you..

6. Boring.

8. Please end already.

New phone cover.

Rachel Berry donuts?